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Lots of people have contributed very brief stories of their experiences of God at work in their lives.  Add your story.


baptism 001
Simultaneous baptisms in the River Wharfe, May 2014 
Tim and Sarah Green take the plunge. More ...
David W and Roman T-G
A Walk of Forgiveness 
Cyndy Dowling shares her story of learning to forgive her father More ...
Cyndy Dowling
Adam: I read 'Why Christmas' at Easter.
How reading the booklet "Why Christmas" at Easter was the start of some changes in my life. In 100 words. More ...
Adam Biedka
Jerry and Pauline: a marriage transformed
A rescued marriage: Over the years God has helped us both to be less selfish, more loving and considerate of one another More ...
Jerry and Pauline Wild
The Vine logo
Stores from the DAC and CCC 2013
If you would like to financially support the work of the Vine, or just hear more about what has been happening in Spring/Summer 2013 here is some information. More ...
Anne Button
Russell's StoryThis article has associated audio
I’m not a regular attender and I‘d describe my faith’s journey as being one that combines both ups and downs, close and distant. But for whatever reason I was motivated to read the article on fasting this week. More ...
Russell Allen
baptism 11
Baptisms: December 2010
It was a great pleasure to baptise Ian, Adele, Hollie and Joseph on Sunday 12th December 2010. Enjoy the photos. More ...
Ben' Story
I believe I have known Jesus since I was born. My family and many family friends showed me and taught me about the love of Jesus. When I was 10 More ...
Ben Newman
pencil writing
What has God done for you?
We are a community where God speaks and changes lives. Why not write down something you have experienced in recent weeks to encourage other people and to give God all the glory. There's a new forum to make it really easy. More ...
Kate Newman
Krystyna Gadd
Krystyna's story
In 1994, looking at my life from the outside there was no reason why I should not be happy. On the inside, nothing was right and so I found everything hard - family, marriage, work and friendships. More ...
Krystyna Gadd
Jamie's story
I was in a pretty dark place and had been since my teenage years, I felt alone and generally angry at the world. I tried to fill the empty void inside me with every sort of sin possible. I found myself turning to God. He answered with amazing clarity More ...
Jamie Morrison
Melanie Rogers
Melanie's Story
While at nursing school, I felt constantly in turmoil, that something was missing. After many conversations, a good friend invited me to a local church and I went with her. I didn't go again and often avoided her afterwards! More ...
Melanie Rogers
Tim Whitley
Tim's Story
I grew up in a family that did not go to church. I went away to boarding school at age 9, which made me begin to question what life was about. At 17 I left England to work in the wool trade in South Africa, then Australia and New Zealand. More ...
Tim Whitley
sally wallace
Sally's story
When I was a child my big sister introduced me to church. I started to do the things I was taught, but I was doing it like following rules. As a teenager I was befriended by a family who talked to God very naturally and believed he could change real life. More ...
Sally Wallace
Elaine's story
My sister-in-law is a Christian and she lent me lots of books about other people’s faith. One in particular was called “Turned on to Jesus” by Arthur Blessett, an American evangelist. Through reading, I began to search for God and question who he is. More ...
Elaine Sadler
Hazel's story
After 20 years of tempestuous marriage, I told my husband I wanted a divorce. I didn’t believe in God but he must’ve done because he prayed that God would save our marriage. Within a few days God sent a Christian to our house and he had something special. More ...
Hazel Faulkes
Annie's Story
I grew up believing in a God who loved me, so I made a decision to trust Him and follow His plans for my whole life. This choice was really challenged when my husband, who I loved very much, got brain cancer. More ...
Annie Fraser
ian ripping
Ian's story
Brought up in a non-church family I had never had anything to do with God. I went on holiday to Greece with 6th form friends. I was miserable, my body was in pain with two injured feet and sunburnt eye-lids. More ...
Ian Ripping
david f baseball cap
David's story
I have known and loved Jesus all my life. I grew up in a missionary family in Bangladesh. I made my own decision to follow Jesus at boarding school when I was 9 because I was faced with the issue of what happens when I die. More ...
David Flowers
Erik's story
I was alone and afraid in the dark. I could not remember a single reason why I should get up again in the morning. More ...
Erik Peeters
Healed to enjoy chocolate again!
Some years ago I started getting bad migraines every time I ate chocolate or any food/drinks with preservatives in them. More ...
Chris Thompson
The world looks different
I can’t begin to explain the difference in vision –it’s like clouds or scales falling from my eyes. The world looks different More ...
Michele Goulding
When people ask you about our church what do you say?This article has associated audio
Articulating something about church with confidence and enthusiasm and feeling that you understand who we are and how you belong More ...
David Flowers
tim farnhill
God at Work
God is moving in people's lives through worship in a school assembly. More ...
Tim Farnhill
God speaks - with perfect timing
I had a job interview last week. It seemed difficult to know what God was telling me until 4.45pm when two things happened simultaneously. More ...
Mark Saxby
David Flowers, 19/02/2014